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Work in a healthier way.

All features of Pomodoro Technique are supported plus some additional features that you might find useful.

  • Customizable rules

    It allows you to modify the default Pomodoro configuration based on your personal preferences.

  • Built-in task list

    It allows you to create a simple list of todos and mark the items done when it's done.

  • Full-screen breaks

    Once enabled, it will force you to not continue working during break time by occupying the whole screen of your desktop, but right now it doesn't support multiple monitors.

  • Desktop notification

    Once enabled, you will get desktop notifications from time to time depending on the notification type you selected. Notification types are NONE, NORMAL, and EXTRA.

  • Special breaks

    A special feature that enables you to set specific times to take important breaks like lunch, snack, dinner and etc.. without updating the Pomodoro configuration.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Might be helpful for you depending on your use case but currently, these keyboard shortcuts are not yet customizable.

  • Auto updates

    The app will automatically check for updates and download them in the background. You will be notified when the update is ready to be installed.

  • Always on top

    Once enabled, the app will always be on top of other apps running on your Operating System.

  • Minimize to tray

    Once enabled, the minimize action will not minimize the app. Instead, it will be hidden and sent to the tray.

  • Close to tray

    Once enabled, the close action will not quit the app. Instead, it will be hidden and sent to the tray.

  • Progress on tray

    The app will show a progress indicator on your system tray. This feature can be activated if minimize to tray or close to tray feature is enabled also.

  • Progress animation

    By default, you will get a smooth timer progress animation but if you're worried about the app's memory consumption on your computer, you can disable it by the way.

  • Toggle native titlebar

    It allows you to switch between the custom title bar of the app to a native one provided by your Operating System and vice versa, depending on your personal preference.

  • Auto-start work time

    Once enabled, you will no longer need to manually start the work timer again after the break ends, it will automatically start for you.

  • Voice assistance

    Once enabled, your desktop notification will include a male voice to inform you of things related to your Pomodoro session. Useful sometimes especially when you're away from your computer during break time.

  • Dark theme

    It allows you to use dark mode and helps you reduce eye strain and improves visibility if you are the type of person with low vision and high sensitivity to bright light.

  • Strict mode

    Once enabled, the app will strictly follow the rules you have set and prevent you from pausing, skipping, and resetting the timer when it started.

  • Compact mode

    Once enabled, the app will occupy less space on your screen and it will be useful if you're using a small-screen device.


Features to look forward to.

Features that many users have been asking for.

  • Mobile Version

    Take it on the go! A mobile version of the app is currently in the works.

  • Customizable shortcuts

    Provide a way to make the default keyboard shortcuts customizable by the user.

  • Productivity report

    Provide some useful summary about user's productivity to have some sense of accomplishments.

  • Time extender

    Enable user to extend timer if needed. Useful when the user wants to finish the task first before taking up a break.

  • Tasks database

    Enable user to save completed tasks into a database. Useful when the user wants to monitor or track previews tasks.


The app for Pomodoro lovers.

It has 500k+ downloads on GitHub and 4.5k+ active Linux snap users worldwide.